Plans from Proof-of-Concept to Production

Here's what you'll get across the Developer, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

  • Visualize and configure your architecture in the Dashboard or with the VS Code IDE extension
  • Develop AWS Lambda code locally against cloudside resources
  • Preconfigured CI/CD deployment strategies and deployment customization hooks
  • Manage deployed stacks from a central dashboard
  • Integrated parameters and secret management




  • Up to one user
  • Up to 6 active stacks
  • One linked AWS account
  • Community support resources
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per active stack/month

    Everything in Developer, plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited active stacks (at stack/month rate)
  • Unlimited linked AWS accounts
  • Prioritized support from our serverless engineering team
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starts at $10,000 per year

    Everything in Professional, plus:

  • Integration with self-hosted git repositories & SSO providers
  • Cloud resource customizations and integrations
  • Enterprise support options
  • Customized training and onboarding options available
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Pricing and Plan FAQs

What's an "active stack"?

An active stack is a version of a stack that has been deployed into an environment within an AWS account. If you deploy a stack into dev, test, and production environments, that equals three active stacks. A stack is considered active if it's deployed, regardless of the number of invocations or subsequent deployments it experiences.

What does support look like at the Developer, Professional, and Enterprise levels?

We strive to provide a high level of support to all our users – we want you to build great things with Stackery. We provide a prioritized level of support for customers at the Professional level and have a variety of ways you can quickly connect with our team of serverless engineers to get help. Additional support SLAs and off hours escalation options are available to customers at the Enterprise level. We also pride our selves on our regularly-updated docs site and that it's easy to get in touch with us through the internet or at one of our community events

I'm on the free Developer plan. What am I missing in Professional?

The Developer plan is a great way to get started using Stackery's serverless development workflow. Professional adds another set of features geared towards developers working on production projects or in teams.

  1. Max active stacks - The Developer plan provides up to 6 active stacks. With the Professional plan you can deploy as many stacks as you need for $10 per active stack.
  2. More than one user - The Developer plan is intended for personal projects or to explore Stackery at your own pace. The Professional plan, including the trial, enables you to invite the whole team at no additional cost.
  3. More than one AWS account - The Developer plan lets you link one AWS infrastructure account through which Stackery will manage resources on your behalf. In production, you'll want to adhere to AWS multi-account practices which Stackery supports in the Professional plan.

My team has an self-hosted code repository. Can Stackery integrate with it?

Absolutely! Custom git host integration is available for Enterprise customers and we have experience integrating with all major providers.

Can I develop locally and improve my dev workflows using Stackery's free plan?

We know that a smooth developer workflow is the key to serverless success; it's a huge pain point for most serverless devs. That's why Stackery's free Developer plan includes:

How do projects I started before using Stackery change when I add them into Stackery?

If you have AWS SAM projects you can add and edit your existing projects in Stackery. Stackery helps you create consistent and secure infrastructure-as-code templates and iterate on serverless function code throughout the lifecycle of the application.

If you have Serverless Framework (serverless.yml) projects you can use stackery local invoke to debug and iterate on function code - and visualize your architecture with the Stackery VS Code extension. Some of the visual architecture editing lags the Stackery AWS SAM experience.

If I start or add a project in Stackery what happens if I decide to go back to manual workflows?

Stackery helps you work with and understand standard and open source infrastructure-as-code configurations regardless of your level of expertise. You'll always be able to access what you build and deploy with Stackery in your code repository or AWS account. Everything you create or manage with Stackery is output in standard CloudFormation code synced with your Git provider and managed in your AWS account. If you want to return to slow, manual infrastructure templates, no problem! Just be sure to let us know how Stackery could work better for you in the future.

I'm just learning. Why should I use Stackery?

Our Developer plan is free and a great way to learn more about Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): you can quickly configure a serverless architecture, deploy it, and start iterating on function code - all for free. Stackery's tools can help you ramp up and ship projects faster with greater confidence. Check out our docs site, which is full of examples and tutorials, and sign up for a free account and start building.

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