Stackery + AWS Serverless = Delivery Superpowers For Your Application Development Team

The Stackery Partner Program is built for the success of systems integrators and their clients; deliver a fully-realized serverless product, not a project to be maintained. Benefit from streamlined billing via the AWS Marketplace for fewer end-of-month headaches and clarity for your customers.

"Stackery has been key in our ability to visualize and explain serverless systems to stakeholders who might not understand all that is available to them via AWS. In fact, we like to say that Stackery has been the gateway drug to all of the services AWS has to offer.

Stackery has lessened the pain in onboarding customers and reduced any risk related to adopting a serverless model. We can now empower them to become domain owners."

Richard Brookfield,
VP of Engineering

Get a scalable proof of concept live fast

Projects built with serverless can go live and scale without dependencies on infrastructure readiness or groups outside of the client’s business unit.

Help your clients modernize with serverless

If your team already knows what the components of their application are, but they don’t have the bandwidth to decipher the complete AWS library, Stackery can help. Our solutions act as your personal bridge between an important client project, and the modern resources of AWS serverless.

Score automatic best practices with AWS infrastructure security

With Stackery, you get the best practices of AWS serverless at your fingertips without a massive training investment. Automatically-apply permission settings while freeing up your team’s focus so they can tackle the client, business logic, and application-level security.

Unlock AWS using what your developers already know

With Stackery, your developers and architects work on native AWS tools and services without any abstraction layers. Nor do they all need to have PhDs in AWS services. Stackery takes what developers already know, while applying AWS best practices and safeguards.

If you already have a thriving serverless driven application development business, find an innovation project to determine if you should get out of the business of building and maintaining your own tools.

If you are just starting to build out a serverless driven business, Stackery will put you and your clients on a fast path to a well-architected serverless framework.

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Develop on Serverless with Confidence

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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