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Real-time monitoring of your entire serverless stack, from infrastructure to application.

Get all of the efficiency and flexibility of serverless, without losing visibility.

Distributed, event-driven serverless applications have a lot of moving parts. With auto-scaling and dynamism comes the added challenge of collecting and analyzing a diverse set of metrics and logs, and making sure nothing gets missed or misconfigured.

With every resource Stackery deploys, from networks to event streams to Lambda functions, you're always covered. Stackery automatically generates CloudWatch logs and metrics for every resource out-of-the-box. No more missing metrics or gaps in visibility.

Get built-in error handling, monitoring, and recovery.

Every Lambda function that you deploy with Stackery gets the benefits of built-in error handling, from uncaught exceptions to resource timeouts. Get access to the native error objects from your application for deep diagnostic details. And all error events are made available through a custom event stream so that your application can recover, trigger retries, or log the exception to any third-party error monitoring solution you already use.