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Automate your deployments for serverless applications.

Write code the way you always have

By relying on language-native resource definitions, your dependencies will be downloaded, built, and shipped without a single extra step. When you're ready to deploy, all of your dependencies will be packaged up and distributed to AWS, available and ready-to-go for your Lambda functions at run-time.

Environmentally aware

Seamlessly promote your release through multiple environments, from development to production. Define environments with individual configuration and reference variables. Stackery's secrets management ensures that sensitive keys are never stored in your repository, and each instance of your application only has access to its own resources.

Track your deployments

Each deployment is versioned and independently tracked with real-time statuses. Quickly find where changes in your infrastructure were introduced and monitor the status of all of your deployments from a centralized dashboard. The deployment preparation shows you what changes will be made and fits into the CloudFormation approval workflow, so you always maintain control of your cloud infrastructure.