Stackery's serverless operations console provides visibility and control throughout the serverless application lifecycle. Design your infrastructure, package and deploy your applications, and efficiently monitor your entire stack.

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Stackery enables you to safely and reliably create and update your production infrastructure. Automate your entire release process with built-in package management, secrets management, and multi-environment support.

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Stackery allows you to map and visualize your infrastructure throughout the architecture design process. The infrastructure provisioning interface allows you to quickly build your entire application stack, including configuring infrastructure and event sources. With built-in git version control and natively-supported CloudFormation, you can efficiently control and roll back your infrastructure changes.

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Always know whats happening with every application you deploy. Get full stack coverage with automatic configuration of CloudWatch metrics and logs for every resource you deploy. Stackery's run-time error monitoring surfaces full diagnostic details of every uncaught exception and timeout for every Lambda in your serverless stack.

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