Obtain control and observability throughout the serverless application lifecycle. Stackery Operations Console improves transparency and enforces best practices for serverless projects.


Health Status Dashboard

Real-time visibility into serverless infrastructure and applications

  • At-a-glance visibility into the operational health of the stack.
  • Consistent configuration of metrics and events across complex microservice architectures.
  • Access detailed logs, historical metrics, and X-Ray transaction traces.

CI/CD Automation

Turnkey automation to build and deploy serverless systems

  • Straight forward infrastructure-as-code provisioning and application deployment pipeline.
  • Fully automated deployment of new FaaS code through push button web and CLI interfaces.
  • CLI integrates easily into existing continuous integration and deployment pipelines

Environment Provisioning

Provision isolated environments for testing and production

  • Easily promote builds between environments
  • Support for multiple environments and clean separation of configuration secrets from source code
  • Seamlessly provision environments for production, testing, development, and/or individual engineers

Function Code Packaging

Reliably package Lambda function dependencies

  • Understands your programming language of choice and supports language-specific conventions for specifying runtime dependencies.
  • Turnkey AWS Lambda dependency management and packaging for Python, Node.js, Java, and .Net/C#.

Teams and Organizations

Collaborative teams and consistent standards

  • DevOps best practices are baked in with first class support for git-based workflows and iterative development.
  • Centralized configuration of logs, metrics, distributed tracing, and IAM security policies reduces human error and infrastructure tedium.
  • Enforces governance standards, increases velocity and improves quality.

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