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Take Control of Your Serverless Cloud Strategy

Improve Time-to-Market with serverless ops automation from Stackery.

Resource Ownership

Stackery helps you safely and reliably ship applications and deploy infrastructure in your own AWS account, so you retain full ownership and control over your services. With native integration for CloudFormation's deployment approval workflow and built-in support for IAM role assignment, your access policies will be enforced automatically.

Visibility Over Your Serverless Stack

Instantly see the configuration and health of every asset in your serverless architecture, with visibility into service design and resource interdependency. Every resource deployed by your team is automatically connected with CloudWatch so there are never any gaps in your metrics or logs.

Globally Enforced Best-Practices

Stackery's environment isolation and automatic IAM role assignment means that all of your infrastructure is sandboxed within a deployment and security best practices are enforced at all times. Eliminate rogue infrastructure and maintain effective asset control seamlessly.