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Free Up Your IT Budget

Realize the infrastructure savings of serverless while mitigating transition risk.

Unlock Cloud Savings

Shift the burden of server utilization optimization to your cloud provider by using Stackery to implement a transition to serverless infrastructure. With serverless, you'll only pay for the actual server usage, down to a fraction of a second. No more paying for unused and underutilized servers sitting in your cloud inventory.

Reduced Implementation Cost

By equipping your team with purpose-built serverless operations tooling, you'll be significantly reducing the operational overhead of supporting a new technology. Your team will ramp up faster and find success quickly, without having to build one-off internal solutions for common operational needs.

Mitigate Transition Risk

Any strategy change includes some risk, but with Stackery you'll launch your serverless transition with a full toolset designed by leading serverless engineers and operations experts. Stackery's Serverless Operations Console has best-practices built in, so you'll do it right the first time and hit the ground running.