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Accelerate Development with Automation

Improve Time-to-Market with serverless ops automation from Stackery.

Deliver Results Faster

With Stackery's environment management and deployment automation, your team can quickly stand up a development instance and ship to production in minutes, not days or weeks. All code and infrastructure changes are version controlled with git, and the release process natively supports the AWS CloudFormation approval workflow, so you can iterate quickly while retaining full control.

Move Fast, Don't Break Stuff

Your dynamic and rapidly-evolving serverless infrastructure will be reliably and consistently deployed for error-proof releases. With Stackery's automatic configuration of logging, metrics collection, and error reporting, you'll never miss a thing.

Maximize DevOps Engagement

Your people are your most valuable asset. By providing them with the tools to manage the serverless development lifecycle, Stackery's automation tooling frees your team from repetitive operations tasks, and prevents wasted effort on developing one-off operational solutions, so they can focus on the critical work that drives your organization.