Enterprise Serverless

With Stackery, you will accelerate time-to-market with greater control and dramatically improve your return on investment. Navigate your serverless technology strategy with the enterprise-grade operations console. Improve visibility, reliability, and team collaboration.

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Accelerate Development with Automation

Free your DevOps team from manual, error-prone infrastructure iteration and unlock the real benefits of serverless architecture's shortened release cycles. With less time spent on infrastructure you can devote more engineering resources to development. This allows your engineers to do the work they love and return to building value for your organization.

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Free Up Your IT Budget

Organizations around the world are turning to serverless technology to reduce their growing cloud costs without sacrificing performance or availability. Stackery can help your team make the transition to serverless from legacy infrastructure, while reducing operational overhead and decreasing the risk in your technology strategy shift.

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Take Control of Your Serverless Cloud Strategy

With Stackery, it's easy to maintain an accurate, up-to-date inventory of your cloud assets, even with highly dynamic serverless architecture. You'll have realtime visibility into your deployed resources and their utilization and a comprehensive version history of both your applications and infrastructure. Stackery gives you more control without sacrificing flexibility.