Cloudlocal Development For All

Debug and develop Lambda functions locally against cloudside services — regardless of framework or language.

If you’ve ever developed a Lambda function, you’ve seen it many times: something goes wrong and your function needs debugging, stat. To do this effectively, you need an environment to poke around in and arrive at a solution. Are you going to dig through Stack Overflow to piece together a patchworked solution or is there a better way?

Starting today, any developer can install the Stackery CLI, then develop locally against cloudside services and you can even attach a debugger! No Stackery account required.

Use the Stackery CLI to mimick the runtime (via the AWS SAM CLI) AND the runtime environment of any serverless function you’ve deployed. You can modify the code locally— no need to redeploy and no Stackery account required.

cloudlocal development for any language

Serverless Development in Any Language

Now, Stackery doesn’t just support your language, we applaud it. Why? This advancement is designed to make cloudlocal development smoother. Nothing will revert you faster than using a language you don’t prefer.

Our cloudlocal Lambda development and debugging tool are totally free and you’re qualified to take advantage of it if you’ve deployed a Lambda function!

Build, manage, & deliver production-grade serverless applications

Experience cloudside development with Stackery – select and configure services, develop Lambdas locally against live AWS services and manage your serverless apps from pipeline to production.

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