Serverless Summer School: Class is in session!

Gracie Gregory
Pssst... someone asked me to pass you this note:

Now that you're invited, here's the lowdown:

Starting this Wednesday, you get the unique chance to attend four weeks of live working sessions with some of the top minds in serverless.

They'll prepare you to build production-ready serverless applications with the best practices of AWS top-of-mind. Along the way, you'll get the chance to earn awesome prizes as you unlock milestones like deploying a stack and finishing your app.

The teachers... what's their authority? 

Looks like we've got ourselves a John Bender here. But admittedly, good question.

We've lined some great instructors from both AWS and Stackery:

AM Grobelny

Allen-Michael ("AM") Grobelny is a Startup Solutions Partner at Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he was previously a Senior Technical Evangelist. AM is focused on enabling all kinds of software developers to be successful on AWS and he's a former school teacher, so he's the perfect guy to instruct SSS students! Prior to joining AWS, AM worked at dynamic software companies like Box, Volusion, and SmartVault.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is a Senior Developer Evangelist at AWS where he focuses on serverless and helps spread the AWS serverless story "one developer at a time"-- that means YOU! Eric has been a public speaker for nearly 25 years, inspiring audiences to overcome their challenges to unlock success in their work and personal lives using humor (doesn't that sound like the kind of teacher you'd want to listen to?).

Eric is a tech industry veteran having worked as a CEO, Public Cloud Evangelist, Software Team Lead, and Engineer at companies like Rackspace, Showpitch, and The Active Network.

Chase Douglas

Chase is the CTO and co-founder here at Stackery where he leads our engineering and product strategy. Prior to focusing on building a great serverless acceleration product, Chase was the VP of Engineering at Immunio, a Node.js Team Manager and Engineer at New Relic, and held various Team Lead/engineering positions at Canonical and IBM.

Chase speaks about serverless and Stackery at many conferences across the world and regularly leads demos for clients and prospective Stackery users; he's a great guide for all things serverless!

Sam Goldstein

As the VP of Product and Engineering and Director of Engineering at Stackery, Sam is a tremendous asset to the entire organization. His serverless knowledge and vast experience as a team lead means that our entire staff (the engineering team and beyond) turns to him for guidance across all areas of the business.

Prior to joining Stackery as an early-stage company leader, Sam worked at New Relic as a Director of Engineering for the Infrastructure team, a Senior Engineer for the browser team, and an Engineering Manager for the agents team. Sam has also worked as a Software Engineer, Director of Engineering, and Web Developer at companies like AboutUs and Beezwax Data Tools.

What subjects will SSS cover?

Besides listening to the awesome and insightful banter of the instructors above, the point of Serverless Summer School is to walk away with knowledge of how to build (and explain) serverless development with Stackery and AWS and we have the perfect curriculum to set you up for just that! Here's what you can look forward to:

Wild Rydes Workshop, parts I & II

This two-part AWS workshop will kick off the series. You'll set up and use Stackery to deploy a simple serverless application. The application is a unicorn ride-hailing service called Wild Rydes. The Wild Rydes application is a three-tier web application composed of a frontend web application, a RESTful web services backend API, and a NoSQL data layer. This workshop will also cover common topics for building serverless applications like secrets management and user authentication, authorization, and management.

Intro to SES with Stackery

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. This introductory course will teach you the basics of setting up a serverless SES while sharpening the skills you learned in the Wild Rydes workshop.

Websockets 101

In API Gateway, you can create a WebSocket API as a frontend for an AWS service like Lambda or for an HTTP endpoint. A WebSocket API supports bidirectional communication between clients and applications. The installment of Serverless Summer School will get you up and running with Websockets using Stackery.

We'll save you a seat next to us in class! All you have to do is sign up and join us for week one (July 31st!)

Get more info and register

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