Serverless Health Status Dashboard

Sam Goldstein

Stackery’s Operations Console is the place DevOps teams go to manage their serverless infrastructure and applications. This week we're announcing the general availability of Serverless Health Dashboards which surfaces realtime health status data for deployed serverless applications. As early adopters of microservice and serverless architectures, we've experienced first hand how complexity shifts away from monolithic codebases towards integrating (and reasoning about) many distributed components. That's why we designed Serverless Health Dashboards to provide visibility into the realtime status of serverless applications, surfacing the key data needed to identify production problems and understand the health of serverless applications.

Once you've setup a Stackery account you'll see a list of all the Cloudformation stacks that you've deployed within your AWS account. When you drill into a stack we display a visual representation that shows the stack's provisioned resources and architectural relationships. I personally love this aspect of the console, since it's challenging to track the many moving parts of a microservices architecture. Having an always-up-to-date visualization of how all the pieces fit together is incredibly valuable to keeping a team coordinated and up to speed on the systems they manage.

Within the stack visualization we surface key health metrics related to each node. This enables you to assess the operational health of the stack at a glance, and quickly drilldown on the parts of the stack experiencing errors or other problems. When you need to dig deeper to understand complex interactions between different stack components you can access detailed logs, historical metrics, and X-Ray transaction traces through the node's properties panel.

Getting access to Stackery's Serverless Health Dashboards requires creating a free Stackery account. You'll immediately be able to see health status for any application that's been deployed via AWS CloudFormation, Serverless Framework, or Stackery Deployment Pipeline. We hope you'll try it out and enjoy the increased visibility into the health and status of your serverless infrastructure.

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