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Building a Reddit Bot with Stackery
Stephanie Baum

Stephanie Baum | January 18, 2018

Building a Reddit Bot with Stackery
I’ve always wanted to build a Reddit bot, however, I didn’t want to go through the hassel of actually setting up cloud based hosting for it to run on. One of the most powerful aspects of serverless architectures is how simple it is to implement a task pipeline. In this case, I created a fully live Reddit bot in about an hour, that scrapes the t...
Previewable Pull Requests
Anna Yovandich

Anna Yovandich | December 03, 2017

Previewable Pull Requests
Reviewing changes in a UI as the result of a pull request is a common occurrence in a development team. This typically involves switching the local working branch to the PR branch, compiling a build, viewing it on localhost, then giving functional/behavioral/visual feedback. There are certainly many solutions to alleviate this context and code...
Handling Serverless Function Timeouts
Chase Douglas

Chase Douglas | December 01, 2017

Handling Serverless Function Timeouts
One of the hallmarks of serverless architectures is ephemeral compute resources. All three major cloud service providers place execution time limits on the order of minutes (five minutes for AWS and Azure, nine for Google). Even more challenging can be the limits imposed by API gateways placed in front of functions. For example, AWS API Gatewa...

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