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Easy Slack Integration
Chase Douglas

Chase Douglas | October 09, 2017

Easy Slack Integration
Slack is an indispensable tool for many organizations. People have found many uses beyond simple chat communication. One prime example is ChatOps, which enables teams of developers to collaboratively communicate and perform ops actions at the same time in a shared tool. We have a new guide demonstrating how to build a SlackBot that receives w...
Why Stackery is Launching at ServerlessConf
Nate Taggart

Nate Taggart | October 03, 2017

Why Stackery is Launching at ServerlessConf
A little over a year ago, Chase Douglas (the brains behind New Relic Browser, and a friend and former colleague) reached out to me. He had grown interested in AWS Lambda (as had I), but wondered if it was really ready for production use (as had I). So he pitched me an idea: what if we built operations tools, similar to what we relied on at New ...

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