It’s Time for Developers to Harness the Power of AWS Innovation

With Stackery, developers can now compose and iterate applications built on the ever-growing menu of AWS services.

"Serverless is the ideal way for us to build a product that can keep up with our growing demands. We needed a way to transition our traditional system to serverless, but wanted to avoid the inconveniences of such a change. Stackery is the answer, making it possible to adopt Serverless while allowing us to keep our focus on disrupting the media industry."

Stephen Potter, Director of Software Engineering, Vydia Inc.

In the future, business logic is the only code you will write

With Stackery, the future is almost here. With the ability to visually configure AWS’s most popular serverless building blocks, Stackery customers can confidently focus on writing business logic in functions and the architecture and flow of their applications on AWS while avoiding handwritten Cloudformation YAML. By avoiding the heavy lifting, uncertainty, and time to configure VPCs, roles, or permissions, Stackery customers like Benefit Cosmetics can confidently adopt AWS services at cloud speed.

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Cloud-side Development: The Power of AWS for Every Developer

Instead of server-centric applications, modern applications are now composed of a collection of managed cloud services. Since you can’t replicate AWS on your laptop, you now have to test and iterate your architecture cloud-side. Stackery makes this shift easy, enabling development teams to easily create, iterate, and tear down complex stacks within namespaced dev, test, staging, and production environments across multiple AWS accounts.

SaaS Minus the Data

Despite the foundational change from servers to services, the impact of serverless on existing development tools is minimal. With Stackery, your existing IDEs, code repositories, and CI/CD systems remain the same while your code, data, and credentials always remain in your systems and infrastructure as code is rendered in standard AWS SAM.

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